Green Cleaning

Centrepoint Cleaning Pty. Ltd acknowledges that it will establish and maintain Green Cleaning Procedures that will endeavour to minimise the effect of its operations on the environment and maximise the health and safety of the population.

We will continually aim to improve our environmental performance by:



We are in regular contact with suppliers regarding the latest information on microfiber cloths, color coding and cross contamination and consumables and chemicals, which will enhance our "green cleaning" policy.

Centrepoint Cleaning has various systems and check in place; however a simple and effective procedure is the 'SmartColour' Cleaning System. It combines Centrepoint Cleaning's technology with the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding. For the first time, ergonomic cleaning products are available with color-coded enhancements that help our employees easily organise both their equipment and their workday. The results are improved performance, better sanitation and cleaner facilities.

For example, distinct color-coding makes it easy to separate tools into their correct areas of use or cleaning task. 'Wet area' tools are kept in the toilet areas, kitchen tools are kept in the kitchen, and so on - reducing bacteria cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. Proper use creates a healthier, more sanitary environment that benefits employees, occupants and visitors.


Example of Color Coding Applications:

Red: For cleaning and disinfecting toilets, urinals and high-risk
or hazardous wet areas.

Yellow: For cleaning showers, mirrors and other low-risk wet areas.

Green: Foodservice, for cleaning areas where food is handled and stored.

Blue: For all other areas and surface types, but never in areas where red, yellow or green tools are mandated.


Centrepoint Cleaning Most Common used Chemicals

Environmental Sustainability

Colour Chart


"At all times, the tasks have been completed without question. The integrity and honesty of the staff have been excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending Centrepoint for any work for which they are applying."

- Curtain & Co. Services

"Our cleaning contractor of ten years, and provides a service of excellence. Ensures a clean and hygienic workplace... quick to respond, and very constructive in advising us of potential problems in their area of expertise. I am pleased to recommend them for any cleaning contract."

- Mayne Health

"Customer focused and professional at all times. Have demonstrated their ability to effectively clean and maintain our facilities to a high standard, and respond immediately to additional requests. No job is too much for them. Staff are friendly, obliging and go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Since the firm commenced cleaning our facilities, the presentation has improved greatly. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

- City of Darebin