Environmental Management


Centrepoint Cleaning Pty Ltd is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art cleaning and facilities management organisation working to the highest quality standard. Its mission is for all staff to work as a team to provide our customers with the best and safest possible service that we can provide.

At Centrepoint Cleaning, we are committed to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities on the environment.

To achieve this aim we are committed to minimise waste of materials, substances and energy.

We are also committed to purchase and use materials, substances and equipment that are environmentally friendly and minimises environmental impacts and the prevention of pollution in accordance with the AS NZS 4801 2001.

In our workplace and through this environmental policy statement, we shall commit to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements imposed upon us which relate to our environmental aspects, whilst continually improving the effectiveness of our management system and to the recycling of materials and substances with the aim to increase the portion of recycling and waste minimisation each year.

This policy statement provides the framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets through our plan and is communicated to all persons working for the company and displayed for the general public to view.

We regularly review our activities to bring about better outcomes in our environmental performance.

We are committed to maintaining natural resources and to delivering cleaning services that do not negatively impact on the environment. Centrepoint Cleaning is able to meet this objective by constantly educating our workforce as to the high level of environmental management that is expected.

Our Environmental Policy, as well as our Safety and Environment Handbook, details various methods employed by our company to achieve sound environmental performance and demonstrate our commitment to providing cleaning services in an environmentally friendly manner.

Accreditation Certificate AS NZS 4801 2001

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"At all times, the tasks have been completed without question. The integrity and honesty of the staff have been excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending Centrepoint for any work for which they are applying."

- Curtain & Co. Services

"Our cleaning contractor of ten years, and provides a service of excellence. Ensures a clean and hygienic workplace... quick to respond, and very constructive in advising us of potential problems in their area of expertise. I am pleased to recommend them for any cleaning contract."

- Mayne Health

"Customer focused and professional at all times. Have demonstrated their ability to effectively clean and maintain our facilities to a high standard, and respond immediately to additional requests. No job is too much for them. Staff are friendly, obliging and go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Since the firm commenced cleaning our facilities, the presentation has improved greatly. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

- City of Darebin